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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Today, I would like to speak to you about adversity in the context of a marathon. I am a marathonian, I like to run and let’s me tell you how I start running. I have started running after a very tough period in my life. After a divorce, I have to decide between keeping on smoking cigars and drinking morito, or start to run to feel better, since I did realize during this time that both were not fitting well together. It was not possible for me to smoke and to run.

So I decide to run the marathon and the half marathon. Since more than 20 years now, I have run in Paris, Luxembourg, Mumbai, Tokyo, Boston,San Francisco, Zurich to quote a few races.

We all know that while running a marathon, we all face adversity, some people never finish it, some have some difficulties to deal w

ith the last mile, but others are also able to make it just above the 2 hours I am thinking about my Kenyan and Ethiopian brothers.

But today, I would like to share with you about how I do deal with this adversity and still enjoy the moment at the same time.

The marathon place for me, reflect the way the society is built. We are not equal, some people with a lower center of gravity, will move faster, the bigger will have some difficulties etc. that is why I love to look around before to start the race, and then I think about how I will have to behave in the middle of all.

The negative influences are everywhere, people who are running like crazy at the beginning, running in front of you, even the drink the organizations are offering on the border of the street, the distraction of people with music, camera, or even people who just want to support you with an Hi Five.

As a marathonian, we usually think about how we will deal with the last miles, but before to reach this milestone, a lot of things have to be done…

So when the race starts, the first thing I do is I start to speak to myself, to my body. I listen to my inner voice, what I call my inner voice is the way my body reply to me, not the way I speak to myself. If I accelerate knowing that there is still long way to go, I will say to myself that I am cheating myself. But when I feel tired during the race, my inner voice will tell me that I have to slowdown. I immediately slowdown, and try to run by loosing a minimum of energy. First lesson that I have learned in marathon is to never cheat yourself.

1. Do more with little.

By understanding my body, the way my body react during some bad events like a hill or a lack of oxygen, I am able to adjust instantly. It is mainly about really taking care of yourself by managing your mind and your body. That is why, I usually start slowly, and then accelerate or decelerate incrementally. Always trying to find my right pace. It is important to understand why I am feeling so bad during a race. I double check my movement and try to figure out how to better position myself in order to avoid hurting myself.

2. Have a strategy, but be able to change as soon as I encounter any issue.

Since I need to keep moving forward. I don’t want to give up. That is why it is all about moving, remains in life. Sometimes, I prefer to listen classic music because it help me to keep a low heart beat.

The last miles are usually the best one because, I have been able to manage my resources. And when I am starting to look around people are stopping their efforts. It remind me that I am on the right track, because when I see people slowing down, they give me the will to accelerate.

3. Behaving differently from the 99% of the people during the last mile.

Be the leader you want to Be

So the main three lessons learned are:

1. Don’t cheat yourself know yourself, do more with little

2. Have a strategy, and be ready to change it

3. Manage your resources in a creative way.

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